Magnesium glycinate – Tips for choosing the best

Hundreds of biochemical reactions rely on magnesium. You need magnesium to control your blood glucose levels, regulate blood pressure, and maintain your immune system. Supplements containing magnesium glycinate are highly absorbable and bioavailable. Magnesium glycinate is less harsh on the stomach than magnesium oxide. As glycine is attached to magnesium molecules, it is efficiently absorbed and utilized. Magnesium glycinate is a great alternative to laxatives.

Assess your needs

consider any symptoms you experiencing and what dosage of elemental magnesium you might require. Factors like age, gender, activity levels, and medications impact your needs. For example, athletes tend to require higher magnesium intake than less active people. Speak to your doctor if you are pregnant, have kidney issues, or take medications that interact with magnesium. They help determine an appropriate supplemental dose. Check the supplement facts label for the amount of elemental magnesium per serving. This indicates how much actual magnesium you get, rather than just the weight of the entire compound. Aim for at least 100-200mg of elemental magnesium per capsule or serving. This ensures you meet the Recommended Dietary Allowance without taking multiple pills.

Seek out chelated forms

Chelated magnesium supplements, like magnesium glycinate, tend to offer superior absorption compared to non-chelated types. The amino acid glycine in magnesium glycinate chelates (binds) to the magnesium, allowing it to easily pass through intestinal membranes. Always verify the form listed on the ingredients label rather than the vague “magnesium amino acid chelate”. True glycinate chelates specify “magnesium bis-glycinate” content. Reputable supplement brands will send their products to independent laboratories to test for purity and potency. Look for markers of quality testing like NSF, USP, or BSCG certification. The report should confirm the supplement contains the ingredients listed in the amounts stated without contamination. Then you will know what you are paying for.

how to choose best magnesium supplement? Steer clear of magnesium supplements with lots of unnecessary binders, fillers, colors, and additives. Stick to straightforward ingredients. Magnesium glycinate supplements contain just that – elemental magnesium bound to glycine. Simple is best when it comes to nutrient supplementation. Avoid “proprietary blends” that don’t disclose exact amounts of nutrients and additives.

Give preference to reputable brands 

With the supplement industry largely unregulated, quality varies widely between brands. Do some research to determine reputable manufacturers that source high-quality ingredients and test rigorously. These brands cost more but often provide substantially higher purity and potency compared to bargain options. It’s worth investing more in trusted supplement companies. Compare costs between various magnesium glycinate products taking into account the serving sizes and elemental magnesium content per serving. Calculate the daily cost based on how much elemental magnesium you need to meet your requirements. Avoid assuming higher priced products are always better or that extremely low costs don’t compromise quality. Find an optimal balance between quality and affordability.

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